If you're looking for a reliable handyman service, your search is over! My name is Ricardo Espinosa and I am the owner/operator of The Repair Guy LLC. Have you ever had to wait for a technician or repairman to arrive between 8 and 12, only to have him arrive at 1:30? Have you ever been ripped off by the guy who says that he needs cash for materials, only to never see him or your money again? Or my favorite, the handyman who says that he can do the job but gets stuck half way through causing you call another person in to finish...

As a fellow consumer, I appreciate good reliable service. I understand that your time is a valuable commodity and none of us can afford to waste it. As the owner/operator I do all of the work myself! I don't hire laborers and I don't subcontract. As a businessman, I strive to provide quality work everyday. I work hard in an effort to ensure good referrals and repeat business. I am a member of the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce and I carry a $1,000,000 liability policy.

Please browse my website where you'll find a list of services and photo gallery with examples of some of my work. Please contact me with any questions you may have. You can do so via email or telephone at any time.

Ricardo Espinosa
The Repair Guy LLC

(760) 567-6691